Manufacturers and Suppliers of Industrial Exhaust Blowers, Kitchen Exhaust, Ventilation Blowers and Fans

Exhaust Blowers

Air Blowers are used for smoke and contaminated air exhaust in industries and for kitchen exhaust in commercial applications. Selection of suitable blower mainly depends on following factors
1. Volume of Plant/ kitchen space.
2. Quantity of smoke generation.
3. Potential hazard of smoke to the manpower/ equipments inside the space.
4. Ducting layout and size.
Exhaust Blowers are generally designed to delivery high volume of air at considerably low static pressure (but st. pr. sufficient enough to overcome the ducting resistance)

Cooling Blowers

Centrifugal Blowers are used for cooling applications such as in Air Handling Units, Air Washer Unit, Cooling components and machines in industries. Air Volume for cooling blower may vary from 300cfm to 300000cfm.