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Centrifugal Air Blowers required in Furnaces for combusion purpose are generally high pressure blowers. These high pressure blowers are required for circulating combustion air (combustion blowers) and heated combustion air exhaust through furnace. Depending upon the inlet air temperature Furnace Blowers could be

  • 1. Direct Mounted Fans and Blower for Furnaces (Impeller directly mounted on motor shaft)
  • 2. Indirectly Mounted Fans and Blower for Furnaces (Impeller indirectly connected with motor shaft via. Belt drive)

High pressure blowers with inlet air temperature below 70deg. C. and direct mounting are compact in construction and runs with high speed motor. These blowers are mostly used for supplying fresh air to furnace for combustion purpose.

Furnace blowers with inlet temperature above 100deg. C. are indirect belt drive blowers. Air blowers for Furnace/ Combustion application with inlet air temperature above 400deg. C. are manufactured from SS-304 material. furnace blowerpressure range from 500mm wg to 1500mm wg are available. Eminent Systems Furnace Blowers are heavy duty construction designed to work 24hrs for months without any maintenance.