Eminent Systems is supplying Centrifugal Air Fans & Blowers suitable to specific Industrial Environment and needs.
Few of the industries for which we supply centrifugal blowers are as listed below
Chemical Industries

In many chemical industries applications moving air particles have some concentration of chemicals mixed along with it.
Different chemicals react with different materials and it is important to select suitable MOC for blower which will be non-reactive with the chemical.
Eminent Systems provides blowers in S.S.-316, SS-304, Aluminium, FRP Lining, Neoprene lining to suit the chemical environment.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Centrifugal fans required in pharmaceuticals industries are mostly is S.S. 304 material. Air filters are provided at suction for maintaining dust free air.

Automobile Industries

Industrial blowers required in Auto Industries for boilers, paint shops, curing ovens, dust collection systems, fume exhaust, ventilation etc.

Cement Industries

Eminent Systems is supplying Centrifugal blowers to Cement industries since many years for application such as AIR SLIDE BLOWERS. These blowers are used for conveying cement in powder form to long distances. Also, we frequently supply blowers for dust collection application in cement industries.

Sugar, Textile, Paper Industries

These industries we supply Centrifugal blowers of capacity ranging up to 200hp. Blowers are required for rotary dryers, boilers etc in these industries.

Steel mills and Metal industries

Eminent Systems is continuously supplying to Metal Industries for melting furnace application. Our id fans for these furnaces can carry air up to 600deg. C. Special high temperature grade stainless steel SS310 is used for such application.

Plastics Industry

Applications such as extruders fans, heating and cooling of plastic granules & poly films requires Centrifugal Blowers.